Born in Takayama-mura village Nagano Prefecture, on July 9, 1987. Height 181 cm, blood-type A, 

He has been around as a stage actor and also as a musician. Recently starred in the musicals ELIZABETH, 1789 LOVERS IN BASTILLE, in the motion picture BAD WOMAN, and also in such most recent musicals - ROMEO & JULIETTE, BLACK BUTLER - NOAH'S ARK CIRCUS -, Yuta is going to play the role of Wolfgang Mozart in the 2018 musical MOZART!

As a musician, Yuta has lately released an album, entitled LOVE ME, as well as a live DVD "FURUKAWA YUTA LIVE TOUR 2015 - LOVE ME -"; in addition to tours covering Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka, Yuta has been performing in 9 other major cities across Japan in the past recent months. Yuta keeps on ascending the ladder to stardom both as a stage actor and a musician.


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